We're proud to debut our new Artist's Collection featuring the Draw Near fabric line designed by J. Wecker Frisch and released by Quilting Treasures. This gorgeous collection is all about drawing, coloring, and painting with inspirational sayings. All coloring bags are Aunt Henri original designs & patterns.

We've worked with her lines for a few years, always being drawn to the color palette and steampunk influence. She Who Sews represented my mom Vicki, coming from the textile world and Draw Near represented me, an avid painter in my youth and being drawn to design and form.

Vicki designed all of the bags in a matter of days that are not only functional but super cute! I personally love this revival of coloring and meditative arts. Any activity that calms the mind and fosters creativity is A ok in my book!

To celebrate this launch we hosted a little giveaway, hoping to get to 1000 likes on Facebook and reach real people organically. And boy were we surprised to sell completely out of every item made from the Draw Near fabric collection in one day. We're so thankful! This week we've been working on more pouches, solving organizational problems like the vinyl window pocket pouch that allows you to see your supplies to find what you need easily. All paired with artful fabrics to inspire you whether you're coloring at the park, attending art classes, or just appreciate donning inspiring fabric!

We'll be announcing the winner of the giveaway after we tally up entrants! We're also going to have a SECOND giveaway for the new wave of the collection that will be released soon! So stay tuned folks! Pin these lovelies to your boards, invite your friends to like our Facebook & follow our Instagram. We'd love to be able to offer giveaways of our new designs on a regular basis featuring fabrics designed by J. Wecker Frisch but we need YOU to keep momentum going on our pages! We have lots of fun things planned for 2017!

Stay inspired,


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Oh yeah, who is Aunt Henri?

My Mom Vicki and I have collaborated on several creative projects over the years (a memoir blog, a screenplay, screen-printing) but in 2013, we started making baby/toddler clothing out of natural fabrics with vintage silhouettes.

It started as a fun project, allowing Mom to showcase her sewing abilities with the hopes of making some spending money on the side. Creating, assembling, and packaging goods also has a meditative quality to it, which helps ease anxiety and combat depression. The need for Aunt Henri arose, changing so many aspects of our lives. But more on that later.

We named it Aunt Henri after our great Aunt Henrietta. She was a seamstress that never married, nor had children so we thought our little creative project could carry out her legacy, while allowing us to create whatever inspires us.

My parent's place was jokingly called the sweatshop, as we set up an assembly style production line in the dining room and made 70+ dresses over the span of a few days. We started selling locally, through our personal social media accounts, at some dismal craft shows (you know I could dedicate 10 posts on those alone) and renting spaces in gift shops/antique malls. Our main focus has always been working with textiles: making accessories, clothing, and essentials for the home. Along the way we have dabbled with painted/refinished furniture, vintage glassware & ephemera, architectural salvage, vinyl decals and signs, selling crafting supplies, and even offering private knitting, crochet, and sewing lessons.

Cue 2016!

Boy, what a year of change!

We relocated to Hartfield, Virginia. Buzzwords: Urbanna Oyster Festival, Deltaville, Kilmarnock, Gloucester, Middle Peninsula. An hour 10 from Richmond. Think rural country with waterways and boat slips. We moved the business to our 5+ acres, hosted our own vintage market on the property, transitioned to selling online, and started designing patterns.

So here we are!

Thank you for joining me on this bloggin’ adventure!


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