Summer is winding down and what better way to memorialize the season's travels with Riley Blake Designs second installment of the National Parks collection by The Anderson Design Group!

We are so excited to show you the many projects we've sewed with this collection. In fact, we made so many we need more than one blog post to do them justice.

The first two projects are all about travel organization and both items would also make great gifts for the adventurers in your life.

The collection comes with a panel showcasing four pillow sized images from one of the National Parks. We chose the Grand Canyon but we did not chose to make a pillow. Turns out those panels are perfectly sized to make a hanging organizer that fits great on the back of a car seat or the back of a vintage camp chair.

Using clear vinyl with these gorgeous panels lets the art shine through while giving you a place to organize your little bits, keeping everything close at hand.


PP8936-GRAND pillow panel

C8783-CREAM Signs print for binding

C8781-SAND Maps print for vinyl edging

Ultra Firm Stabilizer, piece about 18" by 21"

Clear Vinyl, medium weight two pieces about 6/7" by 18"

The process is really simple. Fuse the stabilizer you chose to the back of your panel.

Cut clear vinyl pockets a height that works with the panel you chose. Our upper pocket was 6" and the lower was 7" because those sizes worked best and didn't hide any of the key design points in our panel.

Once you have your pockets cut, cut 1" strips of the map print to bind the edge of the vinyl.

Your bottom pocket will need binding on the top only. Other pockets will need binding on both the top edge and bottom edge.

We use a binding foot like this:

It works great with vinyl if you remember to feed your fabric through at least half an inch before you feed the vinyl through. Then keep the vinyl lifted off the surface of your sewing table. If the vinyl lies down it can cause drag as it tries to cling to your tabletop.

If you don't have a binding foot just use a bias tape maker to iron the outside edges to the center of your 1" strips, then fold them over the edge of your vinyl and clip in place. Clips work much better than pins when it come to vinyl. Sew close to the edge.

To sew this, we recommend using your walking foot if you have one. The vinyl will feed through with no problem.

Baste the bottom pocket along the bottom edge and sides of your prepared panel.

Stitch your upper pocket to the panel, carefully stitching over the previous stitching on the binding.

Stitch vertical lines on the pockets to divide them into smaller pockets, making sure to back-tack on the upper edges where the pockets will get the most wear.

Cut enough 2" strips of the signs print to go around the border of your panel plus extra to make ties. At least 2 WOF strips.

Consider where you will use your organizer and decide what kind of closure you will need and the length of the straps necessary. Velcro or snaps are a good idea.

We chose to bind ours in the traditional quilting method. We sewed to the back and wrapped around to the front, then machine stitched in place because sewing to the front and hand stitching to the back didn't sound fun at all. We tucked our ties into the binding at the top.

Our second project comes from one of our favorite websites, So Sew Easy. It's a great family travel wallet that keeps all your necessary papers in one place. Itineraries, passports, ID's, boarding passes-- all nicely held together. Here's the link to the pattern we used:

For our focal print we used C8780-Black Posters which is an adorable montage of mini posters.

On the inside pockets we used two of the patches prints C8782 in Seagreen and Black then more maps and signs!

This is a great organizer and a super fast and easy project.

We'll have more fun projects featuring Riley Blake Designs National Parks by The Anderson Group so stay tuned!

Happy Sewing,


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Updated: May 6

Take a look at this big splash of sunny fun straight out of Riley Blake Designs Crayola® Kaleidoscope collection!

Just in time for back to school comes a veritable rainbow of color to create the happiest of projects. With names like Jazzberry Jam, Tiny Teapot Tan, Toy Poodle and Mermaid Tail, who wouldn't be inspired to make something glorious?

We certainly were inspired and knew just the pattern to bring this curvy geometric to life: the Aunt Henri Fans or Flowers? pattern!

A couple years back we happened upon a fun 5" pre-cut consisting of grey textures and geometric prints and we thought, wouldn't this make a fun steam punk inspired fan block? We nosed around for a good block and decided a whirling pinwheel might do the trick.

Of course none of the blocks we found would work with a 5" pre-cut so back to the drawing board we went. Literally. We created our own block in three sizes that could be cut out of those handy 5" OR 10" squares!

The Fans or Flowers? pattern is a real multi-tasker and includes templates for 8", 12" and 15" blocks. To mix things up even more, you can add a circle or petal shaped center to the blocks to create flowers.

Don't you think the movement in Kaleidoscope by Crayola® is a great match for the movement in the fan blocks?


We used a Crayola® Kaleidoscope 10" stacker to make this fun kid-sized 52" play mat. With only sixteen blocks in the quilt that meant we used only 32 squares, plus yardage for the grey background pieces.

Crayola® Kaleidoscope 10" Stacker

CR480 Cast Iron 1.25 yards

CR480 Granite 1.25yards

CR480 Toy Poodle .5 yard

Never ones to let scraps fall to the floor, we made a ROYGBIV border of 2.5" x 4.5" pieces that wrapped our corners.That sharp black binding is none other than that sassy Toy Poodle color.

Carole from Quality Quilting chose this Signature Cotton Variegated - M01 Brights which really brought all the colors together and made a striking back.

If you happen to be more of a color scheme quilter, take a look at some of the other designs we mocked up with Kaleidoscope.

Get a new perspective when you turn these blocks on point and add some sashing!

How about a sweet peppermint inspired table runner?

This is a fun pattern with lots of possibilities!

You can find the Fans or Flowers? in our Etsy shop.

Happy sewing,


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You probably don't know this about us but we have coffee every Friday morning with Jenny Doan. Usually with a lovely carrot muffin or a bit of toast with orange marmalade. Not that Jenny has any coffee or nibbles. She's usually all preoccupied rotary cutting and pressing to the dark side. But it's lovely quality time for us none-the-less.

One Friday last October we were enjoying our coffee klatch when Jenny started blathering on about a new quilt project called "Time to Sew." It was a grand version of a spool block with some added hourglasses. When I say grand, I mean huge--86" by 104"! We knew Paula Joerling had Hand Made With Love coming out soon and thought that might make a nice pairing.

Sure enough, Paula's collection was adorable and even had spools of thread. How perfect would it be to make Time to Sew? The only problem, we didn't need a grand quilt, we needed a cute wall hanging for the sewing room. And here we've reached the point of the past three paragraphs: don't be afraid to adapt those Missouri Star Quilt Co tutorials!

The original tutorial uses pre-cuts. No problem. Cut the ten inch squares yourself. The original quilt used 20 blocks, arranged 4 by 5. All we needed were four of those blocks and a bit of sashing and we had a sweet little quilt.

We love the grand quilt, but sometimes you just need a wee bitty one.

To see more from Paula Joerling, make sure to follow her on Instagram! In addition to fabric (with Henry Glass & Co), her art is on calenders, planners, and notecards. You can find them HERE.

To see more items made with Hand Made With Love check out our Etsy shop.

Happy Sewing,


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