This line is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Seriously, Tula Pink never disappoints! Visiting her booth at The International Quilt Market is always a top priority.

Here's her new line, Monkey Wrench for FreeSpirit Fabrics

that ships in September!

Look at these beds! Can we start a petition for a Tula Pink AirBnB? Wouldn't you love to vacation in a cozy suite like this?

It's no secret that Tula is meticulous with her work. Her merchandising always showcases her talent and brings her vision into fruition. Not an easy task, and if you didn't know she creates every single item herself. Her mom Kat affectionately called her a "control freak" by not accepting any help. I was a visual merchandiser for many years, so I can totally relate.

She's not monkeying around....look at this luggage set!

And here she is, the Rockstar of Quilting. And that Betsey Johnson banana bag, the perfect touch! Every market, they give out awards for best booth, most creative, etc and when I saw the booth, I told her I knew she would win this year. I just knew. To my surprise, she said they've never won. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? So when they announced over the loud speaker that Tula Pink won most creative--I squealed with delight, perhaps a little too loudly considering I was in a competing fabric company's booth but I've always had the mentality that we're all on the same team and we should support the success of creativity and artistic talent no matter what.

Hope you enjoyed our Tour de Tula!

Stay inspired,


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This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.

That artsy print we can't get enough of, Palette is coming back! It'll be included in Janet Wecker Frisch's new line, Painter's Palette and will hit stores in October. This collection by Riley Blake Designs features the highly sought after watercolor print (that we've made over a thousand items with) as well as blenders and JWF classics that you can mix and match with all of her other lines. Perfection!

We've been busy little bees the past two months, getting ready for the International Quilt Market in Kansas City, MO. This is a trade show for the quilting industry where you get to see all the gorgeous lines that will be arriving in stores soon. We made the 12 hour drive to attend and had a lovely time. We even baked cherry pecan brownies to give out to designers because we know all the hard work it takes to build these beautiful booths. To quote the talented artist, Kelly Hoernig our "wallets were shaking" with anticipation while walking around the convention center.

Aunt Henri made three quilts for Janet Wecker Frisch's booth as well as our ever so popular Brush Roll, a nod to our Artsy collection.

To see more items Aunt Henri items made from Paint Palette, check out our Pinterest board.

Voilà! Feast your eyes on JWF's Shop Windows!

This booth also featured fabric from her upcoming line Couturiere Parisienne which will be in stores in November. C'est magnifique!

À beintôt,


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When we first saw Nautical by Caskata Studios for Riley Blake Designs, we took a trip down memory lane and ended up in New England! We've lived in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island so there's plenty of memories and these classic nautical images really brought us home.

Long before Jess was born, my Dad left our house in Longmeadow, MA for a business meeting in Portsmouth, RI. When he came home that evening he informed my mother he had bought a house. Yes, a house. Without telling her. On his first trip to Rhode Island. Ever. (If you're keeping score, this is similar to the Corvette buying episode.)

The house was charming and had beautiful water views. It wasn't long before my mother and our whole family fell in love with Little Rhody. Mom loved to drive down to the wharf in Newport to buy fish straight off the boats. Swordfish was newly in vogue and was on her grill weekly. It wasn't long before the fishermen knew Miss Angie was quite the gourmet and would love the stray octopus that ended up in their nets.

Here she is in her royal blue slicker. Blue because, well everything we owned was blue! Mom's favorite color and the decorating theme of every house we lived in.

Which brings us back to Caskata Studios™: She would have loved their gorgeous china! Probably would have been one of their best customers since she truly believed that you needed a full set of dishes at least equal to the number of children you had. In her case, a minimum of six collections.

No question, this would have been dinner on the brick patio:

Everything about this seaworthy line from Caskata Studios™ brought me straight back to Mom's table. Which is why I chose to make place mats out of Nautical.

Mom had a round patio table, a sewing machine and a daughter that sewed. Combine those three things and you have lots of table cloths being altered to accommodate the umbrella.

Place mats were not the answer. Rectangles overlapped and looked unsightly. Circles left no room for your glass. Squares not too popular in the ready made department. What to do? Make our own pattern!

A gentle curve and angled sides make for a mat that circles the table naturally and creates a lovely setting.

We chose the blue and white prints, of course, and channel quilted them. That gives you a nice, sturdy mat but doesn't take away from the beauty of the art.

Here's what we used:

Riley Blake Designs Nautical by Caskata Studios™

C8552 Compass in blue and white for the napkins.

C8553 Lucy (the octopus!) in blue and white

C8555 Lobster in blue and white C8557 Sea Leaf in blue and white

Although we chose to quilt and bind these, you can make a lovely set by backing the beautiful Nautical prints with canvas and just top-stitching them after they've been turned. Either way, the round table place mat pattern is a real problem solver!

We took our new mats down to Aunt Paula's to photograph on her round kitchen table but decided a poolside photo shoot was a better idea. We really should have made her cook us a lobster but the pizzelle iron was hot and ready.

Find our Place Mat Pattern in our Etsy Shop

Jess has mastered the art of Pinterest and did an outstanding job with this beautiful board dedicated to her sweet Gram.

It's called Angela's Indigo, naturally.

Feast your eyes on this luscious red!

Thanks to Riley Blake Designs and Caskata Studios™ for the nostalgic journey they sent us on!

Do yourself a favor and sew yourself a treasure this summer with Nautical.


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