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A Mid-Century Makeover

Makeover Monday!

This set was our favorite flip of all time. We purchased this beat up Harmony House vanity & dresser from another flipper. I just couldn't pass it up, despite it's rough condition.

I'm such a sucker for Mid-Century Modern.

The bones were good, it was just beat to hell on the outside. And boy, was it a lot of work. Sanding, repairs, filling in, stripping veneer, three coats of paint in some places, glazing, and sealing.

VOILA! We used all General Finishes products. Dark Chocolate for the base, Antique White for the drawers and inside, a coat of Van Dyke Glaze and Satin Topcoat for a little sheen. We cleaned up the original brass hardware and replaced the scary fabric (that we had to remove with tongs) from before with an upholstery fabric fat quarter by HGTV. We really wanted to keep this for ourselves, but alas It sold within two days!

Now on to the dresser! We wanted to have this match but unfortunately this baby was missing a lot of hardware. We researched buying the replacement bronze pulls but it wasn't cost effective. The vanity was missing two bronze caps for the feet and the dresser only had two caps so we stripped those off and went a different direction with this piece. We ended up taking off the wooden pulls, filling in the holes, and getting traditional pulls that changed the whole look.

The Reveal! We used Persian Blue for the base, Antique White for the drawers, but this time went with a Winter White Glaze on the drawers and Satin Topcoat again. Instead of finding replacement caps for the feet we painted the tips in Dark Chocolate and finished it with new hardware. She sold less than three weeks later and the happy customer was kind enough to send us a picture of our piece in her home.


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