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Paper Salvage

Over the years we've rescued lots of unique treasures from estates all over Virginia. The best finds would be in old desk drawers full of calendars, ledgers, order forms, old letters and all that jazz. Sheet music is always a hit and a Pin-worthy must have for all sorts of home projects. When Aunt Henri had spaces in local shops, we'd package up old pamphlets for Esso Oil, appliance manuals from the 1940s, Ladies Home Journal pages from 1910, all preserved and ready for display, home décor, or DIY projects.

One of our boxes of books held a young boy's collection, most dating in the early 60's. A treasure being several stamp collecting books with perfectly preserved stamps from the 1920s-1950s. He had pen pals and stamps from all over the world and unique ones about scouts, military, state parks, polio, branches and offices, etc. These make fabulous additions to junk journals, decoupage projects, artwork, home decor, etc.

I sorted through all our supplies and vintage paper and made junk journal kits. These have vintage cards, index pages, sheet music, adverts, tags, cardstock, note paper, envelopes, ribbons, twine, and little surprises. These were super fun to make and allows people to reuse to create something new.

If you'd like to check out our junk journal kits or vintage ephemera for sale, check out our SECOND shop:

We'd love to see what you can create with our kits! Snap a photo of your creations and tag it with #aunthenri for a chance to be featured on our social medias and in a Pinterest Inspiration blog post!

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