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If you haven't noticed, Aunt Henri dabbles in all sorts of creative projects. Here's a list of our favorite DIY furniture projects!

Window Shadow Box

We took a vintage window, removed the cracked glass, and stapled chicken wire to the back.

We built a frame with 2 x 2's with a bead board back and shelf. Painted the window and frame in a green apple chalk paint and the interior an ivory. Put hinges and a lock, letting it swing open to easily switch out home décor accents.

Dining Table Desk

We picked up this vintage dining table that had a gorgeous base in near perfect condition, aside from needing a deep cleaning but the top was damaged. It had a missing leaf, so rather than refinish the top, we decided to take one side, cut a third out, then flip it and attach it to the top to create a shelf. We rotated the base, attached the new top, painted it in antique white, lightly distressed the edges, and sealed it. The legs we left original.

Twin Bed Bench

One of the most popular Pinterest projects: the bed bench!

Vintage twin & 3/4 quarter beds are usually a steal at auction. We left this unpainted because the natural mahogany paired with a modern colorful print was all this beauty needed.

Chair Porch Swing

This is our version of a porch swing pin we saw. We picked up three vintage chairs at auction, sawed off the damaged legs, painted them, and recovered the seats in outdoor fabric. Then, we took 2 x 4's, drilled holes, painted them antique white, and made rope ties. Voila!

Stay Inspired,


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