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Who's Aunt Martha?

In June 2016, Aunt Henri hosted an Artisan & Vintage Market on our land in Hartfield, VA. Local artisans and friends showcased their wares and sold vintage treasures all on our front lawn.

Kathy, our realtor (and now friend) called us when she heard about the market and asked if she could join. She just happened to have a treasure trove of her Great Aunt Martha's estate that she was ready to sell. Trunks full of handmade clothing, linens, and accessories. We said, bring it on!

Aunt Martha had hand sewn wrap dresses, 1940's ladies spectators, nylons, silk scarves, hand stitched gloves, doilies and more, oh my! Not only was the collection in near immaculate condition for being nearly 80 years old but Aunt Martha had made almost everything herself! Now that's impressive.

What Kathy didn't manage to sell that day at market was carefully packed away again. Fast forward a year, and now Aunt Henri has the pleasure of offering Aunt Martha's gorgeous wares for sale on Etsy.

The BEST feature Etsy has added recently is the ability for customers to post pictures in their reviews! Look at these GORGEOUS photos! We are overjoyed that Aunt Martha's dresses are being loved and worn again after so many decades! The most rewarding part of what we do is connecting with our Hens (what we affectionately call our fans), being able to put faces to names, and seeing our wares out in real life.

Till next time Hens,


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