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Coddle Your Eggs in Style!

Aunt Henri's Coop Apron takes a different approach to egg gathering aprons by using elastic thread to make a stretchy pocket that coddles the eggs and holds far more than individual pockets!

Yes, those tiny pleated pockets are adorable, precious really, and we'll have a free pattern showing you how to make those in January, but.....The Coop Apron is for serious egg gatherers.

Elastic thread! Oh, the horror of using a new product! Say it isn't so? It is so. And it's easy and you're going to love it and wonder why you haven't been using it for years.

It's easy because our pattern is full of tips and tricks on how to transform your beautiful quilting cottons into marvelously stretchy pockets just by using elastic thread in the bobbin!

There are two commonly available brands of elastic thread, we generally use Gutermann. Gutermann comes in four colors: white, black, navy and red. The competitor only two. Sold in an 11 yard spool, Gutermann's is just the right amount for The Coop Apron. Available in big box stores that carry thread or purchase here: Gutermann - Elastic Thread 11 Yards

Another little goody that makes this project so much easier is Pilot FriXion Point Erasable Gel Pens. FriXon pens use an ink that disappears when heated. You can mark your fabric on the right side, press with a hot iron and watch the marks disappear.

While we are doing shout about some big love for our model Stephanie? If you check out the reviews in our Etsy shop you'll see lots of pix of Stephanie wearing the many Aunt Martha vintage dresses she has purchased. We loved her pix so much we asked if she might happen to have some chickens roaming about.....oh, boy she sure did! Look at her beautiful coop! We stitched her up a couple aprons and she sent us these gorgeous pix! We can't thank her enough.

What are you waiting for? Download the digital pattern HERE

We also have egg gathering aprons for sale! Made from durable canvas and quilting cotton.

Till next time Hens,


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