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Sunny Side Up!

Fresh Eggs Placemat

January rang in with icy cold days and a sprinkling of snow in Virginia. Okay with us, perfect sewing weather! Luckily, J. Wecker Frisch's Fowl Play collection from QT Fabrics hits the stores this month so we have plenty of projects in the works.

Who wouldn't want to eat their poached eggs and buttered toast off this adorable placemat? Especially when its made from a FREE QUILT BLOCK PATTERN from Aunt Henri?

Make the block, quilt it, bind it and voilà: a precious placemat.

We always love the yardage with patches because there are so many fun things to make with them. The small patch panel from Fowl Play doesn't disappoint. Each of your placemats can have a different center design.

Feeling just a tad lazy? Fowl Play has you covered: a large patch panel with placemat sized rectangle blocks!

If you aren't into batting and quilting you can easily back these beautiful images with cotton duck or canvas. Messy people at your table? Why not iron on some vinyl and make wipe-able mats? Easy-peasy with Pellon 102R Vinyl Fuse or Heat'n Bond 3927 Iron-On Vinyl Matte

We'd love to see pix of your projects!

Tag us on Instagram @aunthenri and @jweckerfrisch.

Next up, Hens, how to make a pleated egg apron!


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