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Enjoy The Journey

Aunt Henri has been busy, busy, busy!

This past month we've been working with "Enjoy The Journey", a new fabric line designed by Paula Joerling for Henry Glass & Co. Paula's first line is fun, colorful, and encourages you to go on an adventure!

This fabric is perfect for gals on the go, so we dove in and made travel bags, shopping totes, and pouches. The first being a large bag with adjustable straps, made with Novelty Stripe and black canvas. We added a stretchy water bottle pocket on the side made with Gutermann Elastic Thread.

Next up, the oh so popular box bag! We added blue vinyl and a bright orange zipper which makes her Small Patch Scenes print pop!

On our shopping tote we made a front pocket using a Bike Block, handles out of B & W Stripe, and a back zipper pocket out of the Bicycles print with a colorful zipper.

On to pouches! This angled flat bottom pouch is one of our favorites. It's perfect for cosmetics & toiletries. We used Small Patch Scenes and Words, topped with fabric ties and bright fun zippers.

Wait, there's more! How cute are these?!

We paired the Words fabric with coordinating Flower Baskets in green, topped with matching zippers, and "Life" metal zipper pulls. Then we made a set with Bicycles and a Wheels stripe. Lastly, a fun set using the bike portion of the Novelty Stripe which is a perfect for a spring clutch!

And guess what? We have more "Enjoy The Journey" items in the works! Check back to see what we come up with next!

See the whole line at Henry Glass & Co

Stay inspired,


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