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Draw Near

Two years ago this week, Aunt Henri officially launched our Artist's Collection, featuring Draw Near by J Wecker Frisch in our Etsy shop. I still remember the day Vicki walked in with an overflowing bag of Draw Near that she picked up at our local quilt shop. That was back in 2013, right after we started working together as Aunt Henri. We made a small artsy collection to sell in a brick & mortar shop downtown and sold out of every single piece.

That shoulda been a sign to make more, huh?

Oh we made more. Much, much more.

To this date, we've made over 1000 items out of Draw Near. We are STILL getting requests for artsy items and the fabric. Paint Palette is so sought after, it's like textile gold. I even had someone offer me their first born child in exchange for a yard--ha! We've made brush rolls, aprons, portfolios, messenger bags, vinyl organizers, purses, quilts, wallets, and pouches upon pouches! Many sold before we were able to blog about them, so here's a collection of our favorites!

To see all Aunt Henri items made out of Draw Near, visit our Pinterest board!

Will we have more artsy items in the future?


May the odds be ever in your favor,


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