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Hand Made With Love

Introducing Hand Made With Love by Paula Joerling for Henry Glass & Co! We were so lucky to play around with this crafty line before it hit stores. When it arrived, the wheels started turning and we split it up into embroidery floss, sewing, and knitting projects.

As soon as we saw the Embroidery Thread print, we knew we HAD to make an organizer. We paired it with natural canvas and made clear vinyl pockets, perfectly sized for floss. Fold it in thirds, tie, and take with you or hang on the wall to show off your colorful floss selection.

See that fun needle holder? It's cut from the Block Panel, backed with felt, attached to the organizer, and conveniently tucks inside when not in use keeping your needles safe and sound.

Combining quilting cotton with colorful vinyl is an Aunt Henri staple. The brighter the better! For these flat bottom bags, we paired the Pink Embroidery Thread print with teal vinyl. We topped them a contrasting zipper for a bit of pizzazz.

Want to add a special touch to your handmade creations?

Then you definitely need the Label Print! Cut them apart, write, monogram, or stitch them and attach to the back of your quilts, inside of projects, or even on fabric gift bags. The possibilities are endless.

Now on to sewing! We made a soft canvas shoulder bag, ideal for hand sewing projects. It was a perfect neutral base to show Gütermann 's new variegated 30wt cotton thread! Paired with the sewing themed prints from Paula's line was a match made in heaven.

Look at the cute little pin/needle pillow!

It's attached to the lining.

We're not spooling around with this one, we have another blog post coming soon about the knitting prints!

Check back!

Stay inspired,


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