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The Daley Tea

The phone rings:

"Hey. What are you doing?"


"Making scones and tea for Sue Daley."



So go the conversations at our house.

Which is actually much better than the previous weeks multiple exclamations of "Where is that Lazy Sue Daley?"

If you know what a 'Lazy Susan' is, then you can see why we call this our Lazy Sue Daley:

The technical name is probably something like "Sue Daley 10" Pink Rotating Cutting Mat" but we really think you'll like our name better.


Look at this NEW Riley Blake Designs collection by the not-in-the-least-bit-lazy Sue Daley Designs and Gabrielle Neil!

We're super excited to introduce Sweet Stems: a floral delight in blushing pink, soft grey, and springy green with a bold navy backdrop. A beautiful array of small to large florals with soft geometrics and a dab of paisley.

When we first saw the collection our immediate response was to design a wardrobe full of dresses-- with lots of double piping, tiny bindings and vintage buttons. Oh, the things we could make!

But in the end we decided to have afternoon tea with mixed berry buttermilk scones and for that we needed a quilted tea cloth.

We love the entire collection but forced ourselves to chose just one colorway to make this 'whole top design' quilt. It's a pattern out of Electric Quilt 7 called "Checkerboard Medallion." To be honest, it was our first try at a 'whole top design' and it came with its challenges. Not the friendliest pattern, but the results were totally worth it.

quilt layout

Our little quilted table cloth features the

following fabrics from Sweet Stems:

C8274 FLORAL off white

C8276 GEOMETRIC dark blue

C8275 LATTICE dark blue

C8270 MAIN off white

C8271 VINES dark blue

C8272 PAISLEY blue

C8273 GARDEN blue

Our backing was made from the Riley Blake Designs basic collection Shades and the color is Tutu. The shades collection has nice, soft texture that really shows off the quilting.

You'll notice Carole, our quilter extraordinaire, chose a floral motif that cleverly matched the flower in the blue GARDEN print.

We made a 36" square and used our leftovers for a yet another tea cosy! (Yes, I know, we do make a lot of tea cosies.) Cosies are a great use for leftover blocks--even if you have to add a few extra pieces to get the right shape or slice the block in a weird place, you still get a cute cosy and hot tea.

Here's a template for a cosy in case you need one:

All in all, we found Sweet Stems as delicious as the scones and if Sue Daley & Gabrielle Neil stop by, we'll put the kettle on.


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