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Palette is BACK!

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill.

That artsy print we can't get enough of, Palette is coming back! It'll be included in Janet Wecker Frisch's new line, Painter's Palette and will hit stores in October. This collection by Riley Blake Designs features the highly sought after watercolor print (that we've made over a thousand items with) as well as blenders and JWF classics that you can mix and match with all of her other lines. Perfection!

We've been busy little bees the past two months, getting ready for the International Quilt Market in Kansas City, MO. This is a trade show for the quilting industry where you get to see all the gorgeous lines that will be arriving in stores soon. We made the 12 hour drive to attend and had a lovely time. We even baked cherry pecan brownies to give out to designers because we know all the hard work it takes to build these beautiful booths. To quote the talented artist, Kelly Hoernig our "wallets were shaking" with anticipation while walking around the convention center.

Aunt Henri made three quilts for Janet Wecker Frisch's booth as well as our ever so popular Brush Roll, a nod to our Artsy collection.

To see more items Aunt Henri items made from Paint Palette, check out our Pinterest board.

Voilà! Feast your eyes on JWF's Shop Windows!

This booth also featured fabric from her upcoming line Couturiere Parisienne which will be in stores in November. C'est magnifique!

À beintôt,


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