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Welcome to the Jungle!

This line is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Seriously, Tula Pink never disappoints! Visiting her booth at The International Quilt Market is always a top priority.

Here's her new line, Monkey Wrench for FreeSpirit Fabrics

that ships in September!

Look at these beds! Can we start a petition for a Tula Pink AirBnB? Wouldn't you love to vacation in a cozy suite like this?

It's no secret that Tula is meticulous with her work. Her merchandising always showcases her talent and brings her vision into fruition. Not an easy task, and if you didn't know she creates every single item herself. Her mom Kat affectionately called her a "control freak" by not accepting any help. I was a visual merchandiser for many years, so I can totally relate.

She's not monkeying around....look at this luggage set!

And here she is, the Rockstar of Quilting. And that Betsey Johnson banana bag, the perfect touch! Every market, they give out awards for best booth, most creative, etc and when I saw the booth, I told her I knew she would win this year. I just knew. To my surprise, she said they've never won. HOW CRAZY IS THAT? So when they announced over the loud speaker that Tula Pink won most creative--I squealed with delight, perhaps a little too loudly considering I was in a competing fabric company's booth but I've always had the mentality that we're all on the same team and we should support the success of creativity and artistic talent no matter what.

Hope you enjoyed our Tour de Tula!

Want to pick up some Tula fabric and supplies? You can find some HERE

Stay inspired,


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