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Spoolin' Around

You probably don't know this about us but we have coffee every Friday morning with Jenny Doan. Usually with a lovely carrot muffin or a bit of toast with orange marmalade. Not that Jenny has any coffee or nibbles. She's usually all preoccupied rotary cutting and pressing to the dark side. But it's lovely quality time for us none-the-less.

One Friday last October we were enjoying our coffee klatch when Jenny started blathering on about a new quilt project called "Time to Sew." It was a grand version of a spool block with some added hourglasses. When I say grand, I mean huge--86" by 104"! We knew Paula Joerling had Hand Made With Love coming out soon and thought that might make a nice pairing.

Sure enough, Paula's collection was adorable and even had spools of thread. How perfect would it be to make Time to Sew? The only problem, we didn't need a grand quilt, we needed a cute wall hanging for the sewing room. And here we've reached the point of the past three paragraphs: don't be afraid to adapt those Missouri Star Quilt Co tutorials!

The original tutorial uses pre-cuts. No problem. Cut the ten inch squares yourself. The original quilt used 20 blocks, arranged 4 by 5. All we needed were four of those blocks and a bit of sashing and we had a sweet little quilt.

We love the grand quilt, but sometimes you just need a wee bitty one.

To see more from Paula Joerling, make sure to follow her on Instagram! In addition to fabric (with Henry Glass & Co), her art is on calenders, planners, and notecards. You can find them HERE.

To see more items made with Hand Made With Love check out our Etsy shop.

Happy Sewing,


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