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Chicks & Eggs

A bright batch of 30's prints arrived in our shop just in time for a few spring goodies. We have Treasures From The Attic in fat quarter bundles, which are so nice for multiple projects.

First up, a round mat to display some Easter treats on the coffee table. A simple 14" circle with an appliquéd plate of colorful Easter Eggs. Originally planned to showcase a cake stand, picture day came before the baking began so candy dish mat it became.

We used a couple of decorative stitches for the appliqués, then made our quilt sandwich with just a few lines of stitching outside the plate. That fun purple print made a happy binding!

We have a long narrow table, which calls for a long, narrow runner. Here's a peek at the blocks before we began quilting. Those chicks were cut from yellow textures we had lying about, pretty sure they were from Northcott but I wouldn't swear to it. They'll fit in a block center that finishes at either 3.5" or 4". These are 12" blocks.

We also have polka dots in the shop to compliment these nostalgic 30's prints!

Happy Spring! If you need some chicks and eggs, get them here!

This is a free digital download.

Chicks and Eggs Pattern
Download PDF • 2.38MB

Since those two projects barely made a dent in our stash of fat quarters, we made a wall hanging with the left overs. We've been humming, "Easter Parade" all week long! Time to get out our best bonnets.

This outfit is from our Cut-Out's Applique pattern, inspired by vintage paper dolls.

You can find it HERE

Happy Sewing,



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