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Enamel topped "Hoosier" kitchen cabinets have always been a favorite collectible of ours and we love to restore them. Combine that with our love of quilting and you get our Kitchenette quilt pattern!

Generously sized at 64" by 82" this makes a large throw or fantastic wall hanging.

The quilt top is PIECED with the addition of APPLIQUED hinges, pulls, knobs and window or door motifs. Our pattern helps you recreate a "Hoosier Cabinet" tailored to your style by giving you a choice of four different appliques.

The 'backsplash' of the cabinet is a quilt-within-a-quilt where you can again chose from different options or make it your own with an included grid for plotting out a blocks.

Here's another sample we made using the Painter's Palette collection by J Wecker Frisch.

This pattern includes 21 pages of written directions, diagrams, and charts to keep you organized and make for a truly enjoyable sewing experience. You can download the pattern HERE.

We'd LOVE to see what you make! Tag us @AuntHenri on all socials.

Happy Sewing,




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