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Sew Happy


That's the understatement of the century, right?

When we aren't busy in the sewing room, there's a good chance we're out perusing local antique malls and estate sales.

One of our estate sale "must buys" are old sewing notions. Even though we already have tons of notions at home, whenever we come across an old sewing box, jar of buttons, or stash of vintage patterns--we just can't leave it behind.

So what do we do with all these notions? We tend to keep a lot for home decor, personal projects, or just to preserve these rare gems. But when our limit is reached and it's time to destash, you'll often find these beauties in our 2nd shop. One of our favorite things to make is sewing themed junk journal kits. We love tucking in old notion wrappers, pattern tissue, buttons, lace, and whatnot into the packs. Here's some of our kits:

Aren't those fun? We also make quite a few vintage lace & trim bundles for journaling, card making, and crafts.

And lastly, we also bundle vintage patterns by era and sell them as lots!

Check out vintage items for sale in our second shop Aunt Henri Deux

Till next time,


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